Serving Teams

We are fueled by amazing people! Joining a serving team is the 3rd step in our CONNECT process. Some teams serve monthly, some weekly, and others in between. Do you thrive in the limelight or behind the scenes? Do you want to serve the next generation, your generation, or the older generation? No matter where you are in life, there's a place for you to use your unique talents and abilities.

Where do you fit in?

Facility Prep

Like working behind the scenes to help others? This team is the most essential team you have never heard of. Some call them masked super heroes, and honestly we do think that Batman is present in the shadows with them. This involves some light physical labor like chair stacking, but remember "those who give in secret will be rewarded openly".

Guest Services

Are you a person who loves to talk with and meet new people? This team is a Sunday morning jewel. Serving coffee, greeting people at the door, answering questions, giving out free stuff, and more are all involved here.

Production Team

There's nothing better than a seamless production, right? When that bass drum hits you in the heart, it's enough to make you have a shoutin' spell! These people make our world go 'round. Lyrics, sermon bumpers, message presentations, sound, lighting, and stage setup are all parts of this ministry. You haven't lived until a few hundred people are watching your every move. Come on...bring it!

Safety & Security

Do you value the physical protection of others? Our version of the five-0, makes sure that we are able to do what we do. This team meets monthly, establishes rotations for all services and events, and solves the problem of how to put on an event safely. In case you haven't noticed, we are pretty busy around here, and we couldn't do it without our boys in blue (and green).

Kitchen Team

A wise person once said, the way to peoples' hearts is through their stomach. Through this ministry, you can earn the appreciation of the masses. While cooks are needed, there's also many other jobs that need to be filled as well. Team up with our resident "Super Girl" church hostess and provide smiles on some hungry faces!

Event Team

Callling all party planners and event organizers! Serving the community is in our DNA. This team sees a need and runs toward the problem. Armed with a selfless attitude and a love for people, join our "Power Rangers" as we make a difference in the lives of people.

Get In and Serve!

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