Pastor of Discipleship and Community Life  

Position Summary:

First Baptist Church Hudson is a Biblically grounded, Gospel-centric church located in the foothills of western North Carolina, in the town of Hudson. We seek to carry out the mission of the church to worship God, become disciples, and love people. Hudson First is a community of ordinary people from all walks of life who have experienced the extraordinary grace and salvation of God and now walk in His love, renewal, healing, and purposes. And we believe God has called and commissioned us to proclaim and live out His Great Commission in our community and the world.

Knowing that Life Groups and Community Life are irreplaceable ingredients for connecting people together with each other and in a growing relationship with Christ, we are prayerfully performing a search for a pastor to fill this role and join our ministry team. If discipleship, groups, team building, leader development, and outreach appeal to you, we encourage you to prayerfully consider applying and possibly joining a team where you can use your passion and abilities to have kingdom impact, and where both you and the church can continue to grow and glorify God.

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What we are looking for:


  • Meets qualifications for an elder in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1
  • Degree from accredited seminary
  • Devoted and deepening relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Proven high level of integrity and guided by Biblical ethics
  • Agreement with HF’s doctrinal convictions (Baptist Faith and Message 2000)
  • Practices Biblical stewardship with personal finances

Skillset & Traits:

  • Gospel-centric ministry philosophy
  • Self-starter and action-oriented
  • High energy personality
  • High capacity for leadership and team building
  • Excellent oral and written communicator

Goals and Expectations

These are specific desired outcomes within the first 12-18 months…

  • Become our church’s champion for disciple-making and community life
  • Develop sustainable and measurable strategies for Life Group maintenance and multiplication and create five new groups
  • Create a sustainable leadership pipeline, identifying and equipping new leaders
  • Oversee with assigned staff development and launch of the church’s new website
  • Create a strategy and calendar of training/equipping workshops for targeted groups: marriage enrichment, parenting skills, leader development, etc.


About Hudson First:

    Dynamic and growing
  • Multigenerational
  • Heavily involved in local community
  • Active in World Missions
  • Our Mission:
    • Worship God. Become Disciples. Love People.