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Best. Story. Ever.

Easter @ HF 2023

For the Love of God

February 2023


January 2023

What a Savior

Christmas 2022

Be Thankfull

Thanksgiving mini series
November 2022


Christian Unity in a Divided World
October 2022


Summer 2022

Love Came Down

Christmas 2021

Living My Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2021

Lord, Have Mercy

FALL 2021

Dying to Live

Summer 2021 Series

1 John - The Revolution

Spring 2021 Series


Easter 2021 Series

This Is the Way

Are you are a Christian, a Christ-follower, or a disciple? As long as you’re going to heaven, does it even matter? Actually, it does. It’s critical to understand this relationship you’ve entered into with Jesus. It’s more than an identity label, more than a cause, more than a ticket to heaven, and more than a litmus test for policy-making and political candidate choices. And in a culture where “Christian” can be the basis for the rule-keeping of fundamentalism or the rule-shattering of a new social order, maybe it’s time to get clear on Jesus’ offer into His kingdom. In this six-part series, from Jesus’ own words, you will see exactly what it means to accept the invitation to follow Him and be what He called those who do: Disciples.

Keep Walking

January 2021 series

Joy, Unspeakable Joy

It’s easy to forget just how radical that first Christmas was. God took on flesh, and He entered our world. Hope was born; salvation had come; new life was possible. We have cause for great joy! Christmas 2020

More Than Conquerors

Do you feel hopeless, anxious, depressed, stressed, worn out, out of control, or all of the above and just overwhelmed? All of these things are a result of the power of sin in and around your life. It's causing you more problems than you know. Do you want to start winning against sin? This introductory study of sin, called "harmartiology", will unveil the truth about any problem you face. Armed with this knowledge and pushed by faith and trust in God, you can have access to the fullness of His power and become more than a conqueror. Will you?  Fall 2020.

Upside Down Life Lessons

Jesus taught about the Kingdom of God using parables. Each one used ficticious characters to teach a practical lesson that could be applied directly into the lives of his listeners. Those lessons still apply today, and we're unpacking the truth from each one and applying it to our current context. Summer 2020.

Faith That Works

A 6 Part series gleaning insights from the book of James. Spring 2020.

Church on the Move!

We will be unpacking some crucial moments recorded in Acts from the life of the original church in order to better understand our own church and God’s plans for it.  Even more, you will get a clear picture of just how grand the church is in terms of its scope, size, and importance; how valuable it is to God; and how much He longs for it to mean to you.

Sent, Living the Mission of God

Make no mistake about it, Christians are sent people. All Christians! We are no longer “of this world,” but sent right back into it on God’s mission of redemption. This new series, companioned with the Who’s Your ONE? campaign, unpacks the meaning of the Great Commission and its call for every Christian.

Advent, Arrival of the King

In the opening of his gospel, John Says of Jesus, "In Him was life, and the life was the light of men." Into this lost and wayward world of spiritual death, Life came! Into the darkness, Light came! Miraculously conceived in the womb of a virgin, born as an infant, truly God and truly human, God came as a man to reveal God and to save man.

The Real God

What we believe about God, and what we believe He thinks about us, shapes every aspect of our lives. In this new series, our goal is to see, know, and experience God as He has revealed Himself, while tearing down common misconceptions about Him. Nothing has more transformational power than knowing The Real God!

God Can: What Faith Can Do for You
Summer 2019

Our summer preaching series is based on the Bible's "Hall of Faith" in Hebrews 11.

God is Great! God is Good!

Welcome to our 2-part miniseries titled God is Great! God is Good! If you learned as a youngster the prayer that opened with that line, know that you have never prayed a more theologically accurate prayer than those six words.

The Cup, The Cross, The Crown

Welcome to our Easter series called The Cup, The Cross, The Crown. For the four Sundays in April, we are going back to the most significant few days in all of history: the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ! These few days changed everything and can change everything for you!

Colossians, the supremacy of Christ

God has the power to heal what is broken, bring joy to the depressed, give hope to the hopeless, and provide meaning to those who hunger to know what life is all about. Fullness of life is found in Jesus! But, He must be the first thing and the best thing in your life!

Teach Us to Pray: 21 Days of Prayer

Of all the things they could have asked Him to show them how to do, Jesus' desciples asked, "Lord, teach us to pray." Those men connected Jesus' power to His prayer life. This is a 21-day life-changing journey of discovery for this single most important ingredient of the Christian life.

Are you ready for Christmas?
December 2018

Are you ready for Christmas? You're going to ask and be asked that question a lot over the next few weeks. There is always a lot of preparation to get ready for Christmas.

It is interesting that in the Bible's narrative of the first Christmas, God had to prepare people for what He was getting ready to do. They weren't ready, so He gave them the opportunity to get ready for the coming of the Savior.  Our goal is to "get ready" in four similar ways that God prepared those in the original story: ready for the miraculous, ready for family, ready for good times, and ready to receive the gift.


Light It Up, 7 letters from Jesus to the Church
Fall 2018

We study the first three chapters of The Revelation. Particularly, we're interested in looking at the letters that Jesus gave to seven churches in Asia Minor just before the turn of the First Century.

Imagine this scenario: You receive a letter from Jesus that evaluates everything about you. You are commended for the things that He says you are doing faithfully, and you are called out in areas where you are failing. That's a little unsettling, isn't it? But that is exactly what happened to seven churches. It also is exactly what Jesus is doing in our lives today! Even more unsettling!


Psalms: For Every Season
Summer 2018

The beauty of the Psalms, which make up the Bible's hymn book, is that they deal with practically every kind of emotion with which we deal. Like many song lyrics, some Psalms are raw with pain or even anger; some are loud with jubilant praise and adulation; some bring comfort during times of fear or sadness; and some declare trust in our awesome, sovereign God. We are spending time in five of these special songs where God's truth and our life experiences collide. 

Church: Who Needs It Anyway?
Spring 2018

Who needs the church? That’s a fair question. Certainly, those who are not part of the church don’t need it, and obviously, many who were once part of the church don’t think they need it. Just how important, if at all, is the church of Jesus Christ? We’re going to answer those questions, and a host of others that are on the minds of many. 

From the Pit to the Pinnacle
Winter 2018

This is a journey through the life of one of the Old Testament's most prominent characters. The main character of the story is Joseph; the main struggle in the story is adversity; and the hero of the story is God. The same outcome of the story can become ours as we learn the lessons of Joseph's life.

Simply Christmas
December 2017

What if this Christmas, you could peer through all the surrounding hype and get a renewed vision of the significance of this celebration? It's hard in our culture to make Christmas "simple," but it is very possible to understand it, "simply." From the four gospels, Pastor Mack is going to use the recorded accounts of Jesus' birth - and His life - to unwrap this great gift so we can truly receive it as our own.

Malachi: Hard Answers for Easy Questions?
Fall 2017

As God's final spokesman of the Old Testament, Malachi comes to the people of God to call them out for their lackadaisical commitment to God, and to call them back to a vibrant and living relationship with Him. He's a no nonsense prophet who enjoys sarcasm, but his message cuts to the bone. We are going to meet this "messenger" and delve deeply into God's answers to seven questions His people had for Him.

BRAVE: Living with Courageous Joy
Summer 2017

A study through Paul's letter to the Philippians, and the topic is something we all long for: courage.

Jesus, Savior
Easter 2017

A dive into the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The goal of this series is to answer three "why" questions; and their answers are profoundly critical for our lives.

Next Level: The Power of Generosity
Winter 2017

A venture into what God offers as a more superior way to live, a life of generosity, that brings with it power, freedom, joy, and not guilt.

Great Expectations
Christmas 201

Revisit those first few pages of Matthew's and Luke's gospels where the account of Jesus' birth is accurately told. The goals for the series study are to highlight the critical importance of God coming to the earth as a man and why it should make a difference in each of our lives. It is necessary to focus on the real meaning of Christmas if one has any hope of not being consumed by all of the "other things" of the season. And if your heart is open, keeping Jesus as "the reason for the season" is possible.

Fall 201

In a culture of competing voices telling us who we are and who we should be, just exactly who am I? And more specifically, who does God say that I am? This 4-part series, Identity, reveals what it means to live our lives “in Christ” and the joy and victory of the abundant life He offers.

2 Peter: Everything We Need
Winter 2016

Peter answers the questions that we all ask ourselves: Where is all of this going? And what does it mean for me in my daily life? And his answers are profoundly game-changing if we will grasp and apply them in our lives.

Christmas Time
Christmas 2015

You have to admit, there's no other time of the year like Christmas time.  Though it's annual, it's also unique each year.  It's more than a day; it's a 'season' of rollercoaster emotions, memories, and worries, all compacted into 4 to 5 weeks.  Christmas time is a magnifying glass that exaggerates all that is good - and not so good - in our lives.  But the beauty and mystery of Christmas time is that it points us to something that is incredible and lifechanging.  The event that "happened" 2,000 years ago in Bethlehem's manger is the game changer for the things "happening" in our lives this very moment.  In fact, God longs for us to understand our life circumstances with Him at the center of it all.

Blessed - Cultivating Lasting Happiness
Fall 2015

You want to be Blessed?  It's a real possibility.  In fact, God promises blessing, and we're exploring the Bible to understand how to maximize the possibilities. 

In It, Not of It
Summer 2015

We are jumping into the meaning and implications of Jesus' description of His followers as people who "live in the world" but are "not of the world."  So which are we?  Are we citizens, pilgrims, or are we both?  This series is designed to help Christians navigate the changing times and values of our nation and world, while giving some foundation to be citizens of two different kingdoms.

Jesus Says
Spring 2015

We're looking at a handful of commands that Jesus gave His followers that guided the church for its first 300 years while it was without the Bible.  These few things that Jesus said are radical, unnatural, and seemingly unrealistic.  However, the early church conquered the Roman Empire by actually living out these commands.

The Helper:  The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit
Winter 2015

Throughout the Bible, He appears as wind, smoke, fire, and a dove.  He appears and desappears in the Old Testament, and He takes up a power-producing residence inside of people in the New Testament.  But what does the Holy Spirit look like today?  What does His presence mean for your daily life?  This series explores the "Who" and "What" of this Spirit who lives in Christ-followers.

Game Plan, Strategies for Defeating Life's Enemies
January 2015

Left unaddressed there are a few enemies in life that keep us in the "two steps forward and three steps back" rhythm.  What we need is a game plan; better yet, we need God's game plan for defeating these strong opponents.  In this series, Mack delves into God's perspective on winning against these four beatable foes.